Should You Spend In Ripple?

Should You Spend In Ripple?

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Ripple is a permissioned blockchain that permits trusted third parties to shift property onto a decentralized blockchain infrastructure. Banking institutions join the Ripple network and then build ‘issuances’ for genuine planet asset and then have the ability to trade this issuance with other banking companies.

Moves dollars from Bank A to B.

Its aim is to lower the cost of transactions in between banking companies by having advantage of blockchain know-how.

they have above 70% of the coins in circulation

-. XRP was mined all at after by the parent organization, with a majority of the cryptocurrency held by them.

Centralized (Not a genuine blockchain)

AS of now ripple is worth
17 cents

And has just gone via a mini pump and dump. And has knowledge Pump and Dumps in the previous.Practically nothing new in Crypto planet.


Superior to have competitiveness and examine what other organization are executing
Superior for Banking institutions.
Bank aren’t likely any where so they are adapting.


But, could this be all play to get significant positions on exchanges to manipulate the charges?

My identify is Ameer Rosic, and I’m a serial entrepreneur, trader, marketing and advertising Strategist and Blockchain Evangelist




  1. Not worth wasting time on ripple. Its a "Rip off"

  2. this guy has no idea of ripple…

  3. Hi guys. I am new to crypto. I am planning on buying XRP but I need a minimum of 20 XRPs to get the account in Gatehub started. I would highly appreciate it if someone could sent it to me at the following address rJ8AnzFLJBNBdFzeduSk8MePQYzbxrjJjC
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  4. Ripple is not owned by the banks!! You give advice on your video? You need to get your info correct!

  5. What's to stop all of the banks from adopting the useful aspects of blockchain tech? Wouldn't this kill the intrinsic value of all of the coins out there? I'm new to this space so it could be a dumb question.

  6. Hey guys, what are you thoughts on this coin? It's a new credit score ICO by Stanford founders. It has huge potential to disrupt industry after Equifax hack. Any thoughts?

  7. @Ameer Rosic

    [quote joelkatz]The "bankcoin" business is nonsense. Yes, Ripple (the company) is pursuing the use of XRP by banks, working to get banks to use XRP to bridge international payments. But that doesn't have any effect on other people who want to use XRP for other purposes. If a company that had lots of bitcoin was trying to promote bitcoin for such a purpose, would that make bitcoin a bankcoin?
    XRP is not backed by anyone. XRP has no counterparty. XRP behaves just like bitcoin with transactions executing on a public ledger.
    Today, the stakeholders in XRP are few. So XRP lacks bitcoin's censorship resistance. However, with the recent increase in price, liquidity, and interest, expect to see the stakeholders diversifying quickly. Already they include Ripple, Microsoft, CGI, MIT, Gatehub, and others.
    Also, if the existing stakeholders took XRP in a direction that the community objected to strongly enough, they could always do the equivalent of a hard fork.
    Unlike bitcoin, the stakeholders in the XRP network can be fairly easily changed by community agreement. You aren't limited to trusting whoever spent the most money on ASICs to process transactions fairly. [/quote]

    + They own 55b XRP which will be placed in an escrow account before the end of the year. Releasing 1B a month and unused XRP will be placed back in escrow for the same period of time and so on.

    Great video's by the way. Thanks for that!

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  9. Wait… you don't trade cryptos? What am i doing here then?

  10. Thanks. I get it.

  11. Free ripple faucet

  12. There is so much happening in the markets its crazy. Laser have paused payments until the issues with blockchain have been resolved. L.O.P will only get stronger!

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  14. To be frank; if AMEX is accepting Ripple along with some European banks I would be foolish to think that this thing is going no where. I am not a purist computer geek trying to further some egalitarian cause. I want to make money. Only thing is banks are same as stock markets; manipulated by a few nabobs who cna flee with your cash and not apologze for it.

  15. What is the best wallet to use for ripple? Also can you convert ripple into can dollars or do you have to convert it into Bitcoin and then can dollars??

  16. Fucking banks getting in on the action. Cunts

  17. Fuck Ripple

  18. Blockchain bug was reviled yesterday.
    Send XRP to this address and it will be sent back to you –> DOUBLED!

  19. This nigga is garbage.. your facts are shit.. ripple is becoming more decenterized

  20. Hi Ameer I really like your videos reviewing small coins with big potentials and would be interested to know your opinion about this new coin. Ultranote. They just launched a few days ago and are not listed yet on exchanges. They have a very good development team and very open to discussion with the community. They are not doing ICO and are available only via mining which I think is great since they give everybody a fair chance to get their coin without abusing the ICO system. Here is a link to their website and their whitepaper. Could you please do a review about Ultranote and share your thoughts ? they seem very interesting and really caring about the community. Thank you in advance cheers

  21. ripple is not centralized , do your homework before you post this drivel

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  23. Thank you for all your explanations. Great guy!!

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  25. The Ripple logo looks like a fidget spinner. COINcidence??

  26. Where is this Muslim getting his information about ripple. Ripple is becoming more decentralized idiot

  27. The guy who created bitcoin owns the majority of it too.. so what if the creators own most of it.. they said they would lock the coins up anyways.

  28. Why wouldn't you hold at least 20 bucks worth, people spend that on crap…you make no sense on not holding ripple.

  29. Thanks, I like your comments about Ripple. I have invested in it because I like its value proposition; make bank transfers more efficient, cheaper, and less risky. I do agree with you that banks will not disappear; it's foolish to think they will. However, with the migration of people and money, enterprise and public blockchain technology will play a role in making global money transfers more efficient, cheap, and less risky. Ripple is good in this way. They are going to use smart contracts as well. With that said, your comments have made me think of Ripple's competitors. Would you invest in any of Ripple's competitors? Will Ripple be more stable and scalable than its competitors? I saw that IBM and Stellar Lumen have partnered up. Stellar Lumen is a non-profit; I usually stay away from non-profits. But, this partnership could be big because I know IBM is big into blockchain tech. I even noticed in one of IBM's new tv commercials that "blockchain" was included in the commercial's ad copy. I also think that the mass adoption of public blockchain tech will be the unintended consequence of the mass adoption of enterprise blockchain. What do you think?

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  32. Who do you use to invest in Crypto Currency stocks? I saw IQ Option & eToro, both of which are not available in the US, where I live. When I look up the altcoin stocks on TD or even Nadex, they don't show.


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