LocalBitcoins Fee Enhance / 1TB Ethereum Blockchain / Shop ICOs In Trezor? (The Cryptoverse #282)

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LocalBitcoins information tale 10:21
Ethereum blockchain bloat tale 13:26
Storing ICO tokens in Trezor seventeen:twenty
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  1. could someone who likes to do lots of investment, and business send me a refer link to etherum low fee site/wallet/broker whatever? i will do investments myself!

  2. Deepak Chawla is a scourge of Localbitcoins that should be permanently banned.
    I hope they do something about it.

    I'm moving to other sites like Paxful until they do.

  3. Thanks Chris. Very informative.

    Can you please explain something about ethereum? Does it have a "difficulty" like bitcoin? How does it adjust mining difficulty when new hashpower is added?

  4. I have no faith in crypto currency because the masses will never adopt it, there is too much messing about getting started and is too complicated for the masses, only early adopters and the tech savvy understand its potential which isn't enough, the average person in the street won't trust it won't understand it and will never adopt it, combine this with government opposition and the law that backs them that they govern I see a quick boom of people trying to get rich trading (some have) most won't, then the industry will crash to nothing. People are literally piling all their eggs into one basket which is a big mistake.

  5. I've always wondered how to link my Trezor to – thanks for the helpful tip – I will try this tonight!

  6. Thanks, what you think about S t r a t i s ? similar to ethereum with bitcoin fundametals

  7. WTF… you didn't say anything about the potential size of the Ethereum blockchain. Is the concern that it grows to 1TB in size legit or not? This has nothing to do with when people bought Eth, how much they are up, etc. Is this going to actually become a problem or not? Really disappointed in the commentary on that segment as you had nothing to say about it. I was hoping for you to weigh in on the issue, not just explain the potential problem.

  8. more of the outro music please – I like to put the kettle on while it's playing, so at least 20 seconds. great stuff thanx

  9. MyEtherWallet is a very good wallet. Been using it for a bit now.

  10. thanks so much for ure tips, I got a question that I really need an answer plz, what will happen to the tokens stored on myetherumwallet. if this later one day stops being in existence? are the tokens stored in the trezor or myetherumwallet? thanks in advance

  11. is this a good time to buy bitcoins seeing the high price?

  12. would be good if one of these projects could integrate with something like Storj on any other descentralized storage platform

  13. Thanks or keeping up with all the wallet maze, weirder to try to find places to put stuff than buying/trading!!

  14. Most of those ICOs they were claiming that they will use ETH for :
    -only on ETH available smart contracts 😀 ? dividends ? profit sharing ? transparency of contracts ?
    -some uses can be safe and fair run can be only on publick chain in secure way (gambling / decentralized exchange contracts like ethdelta)
    -if you want sell token just by being ERC20 and have own chain then you "reinvent" pure POS like NTX NEM with 0% inflation

    NOW focus Cris 😀 … all those multi million ICOs once they start running smart contracts on ETH main chain it will bloat ETH chain hard. Every 10m$-100m$ ICO will bloat ETH heavily. ETH success will be source of its fail same like over-hyped DiabloIII servers in 1st days of premiere and HYPE.
    How it will end ? I guess you really know ^^. (PS: Sell ICOs and ETH by this time)

    PS: This is long therm holder ETH drama longer he hold bigger problems will be.

  15. 15:00 will AEternity blockchain solve this problem?


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