$400 Ripple Begin – CryptoCurrency Investing – BTC / XRP / ETH / NEO – Working day three

Assist the stream: Welcome to CryptoCurrency Investing! Watch a noob on his travels as he attempts to make it massive.. TO THE MOON!

Investing / Wallet –
Bitcoin / BTC – 1JDQmfvCggjrUGSc4S4EfChGWu7MQi85Z7
Etherium / ETH – 0xd56f3ad4646ae856be248db8ac2a18700c54eb18
NEO / NEO – Ab3BnSWo3Engm1dXqeaR2K8ccfNRcwWsBw
Ripple / XRP – rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy – Tag – 1751581466



  1. I missed the feed and don't have 8 hours to sit and watch it. Can you please give me the short version?

  2. I want to say thank you to Mr scott Adrian for helping me become a great and successful trader today, with his awesome strategy i can boast of $19k weekly, am grateful sir.

  3. This one wasn't blocked for music.. well how about that?!

  4. Why is everybody talking about IOTA? Whats so good about it? My mum, my dad, my sister they keep going on and on about it. I only now it's $0 fees, but what else? can someone please please tell me? Thanks.

  5. japan is where most of the clients are !! they were just translating for them ? lol

  6. Luckily I sold off just before the news…. This will go back up though, just waiting to buy back in at the right time now! Thanks for your live stream!


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