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Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Hard cash “Civil War” Described

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I’ve put a limit buy to promote the remaining ½ of my bitcoin hard cash for $2,two hundred (I purchased bitcoin hard cash for only $369) and even though it’s only at $1400 I feel it may possibly spike over $2,000 again in the subsequent 24 several hours.

There is a remarkable WAR heading on ideal now involving Bitcoin and Bitcoin Hard cash. The “mainstream” media for Bitcoin would have you feel bitcoin hard cash is a “pump and dump” scheme even though the “little guys” declare the reverse is genuine.

In a handful of minutes the Bitcoin Hard cash mining policies will transform radically in favor of Bitcoin Hard cash and we may possibly see Bitcoin Hard cash press in the direction of $three,300 even though perhaps Bitcoin may possibly pull again to $4,440.

A pretty daring declare but supported by today’s update.

How to get heading NOW.

#one. Set up an account at use an quick transfer strategy to deposit resources. Really don’t worry about a wire transfer that normally takes 4 times the gain prospective is so significantly better than the 2-three% curiosity fee’s of funding right away with a credit rating card.

Whatsoever you do DONT get Bitcoin at Coinbase it’s about to crash, challenging.

Ethereum or Litecoin are a wonderful decision and offering at discounted price ranges at the moment.

#2. Set up an account at or and then use your coinbase wallet to (Simply click Accounts tab) to send income from your Ethereum Wallet or Litecoin Wallet to the identical wallet at or

#three. Change your Ethereum or Litecoin into a good BASKET of cash. You will have to transform your cash into bitcoin, for a quick interval of time, then you can transform the bitcoin into the lesser positions up over.

Now on rows 70-a hundred on my Crypto Trader keep track of report listed here explain how I would break down one bitcoin at the moment:

DISCLAIMER: Investing is dangerous and you can get rid of your overall investment decision. I’m not a economical adviser, this is for academic functions only. Trades in this service are done with true stay income.



  1. BTRASH is nothing more than a futile and vailed attempt to to disrupt BITCOIN by a centralized group of snakes whose motives are to lining their pockets with money all under the guise of “making Bitcoin better”. Do not be fooled by the wolves in sheeps clothing – their aim is to CONTROL Bitcoin through a CENTRALIZED corporate takeover – and profit from their (failed) coup d’état.

    The Bitcoin Cash “Dream Team” of criminals:

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  4. Good place to invest

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  7. You are happy that you made 300% on trash coin that curently harming whole crypto so be happy till you can I wonder how You will cash out earned money?If BTC will decres in value and loose investors You might have not even 1 day time to cash out money using BTC bcs its only way to get fiat atm

  8. Excellent analysis, commentary and recommendations!

  9. your an idiot cliff high is a scam stfu

  10. Bcash is about protecting mining interests by enabling ASICBOOST. This "civil war" is NOT about TX Times and Fees. There are 950 other coins that can do TX's faster and cheaper. No need for Bcash to jump on the bitcoin bandwagon for just that. Jihan Wu has a mining cartel that profits enormously from ASICBOOST, a cheat that Jihan (bitmain) has a patent on. The Segwit upgrade for Bitcoin disables ASICBOOST and increases blocksize. That is why Jihan wants to kill it. Just like all wars, this is only about money.

  11. BITCOIN is not a religion, if BCASH is better and cheaper, it will be on the top?

  12. Excellent analysis man! I really enjoyed it! Keep on going and doing a great job. Who will win? I´m asking myself and I dont have an answer… too many things are in the game. The stake is VEEEERY high. Human greed is huge ;))))))

  13. "Bitcoin Cash mining rules will change dramatically in favor of Bitcoin Cash". That's nowhere near accurate. No more 40 blocks per hours, so BCH mining profitability will normalize. that's no reason to be that bullish on bcash. there are other reasons that the price may spike again, the main one being another pump.


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