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Major 5 Applications to Generate Free of charge Bitcoin 2017

Study THIS

Abundance Well worth three,000 SATOSHI

Blockchain Match Well worth 10 SATOSHI

Alien Operate Well worth three,000 SATOSHI

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  1. Genesis Cloud Mining: Longest running and most trusted cloud mining. They now have contracts available! They will sell out quick, so order quickly.   

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  2. These are not even worth wasting time…i think it's like every 1,000 SATOSHI is literally worth 1 cent! and the owners of the apps are making more ad revenue from you than they are paying out clearly..

  3. links don't give anything

  4. Try Spacey birds bitcoin game on Google play!

  5. Helloooooo Bitcoinzzzz!!!! Awesome man, just found out you have a BTC channel! +1 Subbed.

  6. Ken man your everywhere 😀 this is the 1st video i watched on your channel keep it up

  7. They're cool, sure, but when you get right down to it you're getting an entire quarter. I've played for so long my battery is starting to run low on commercials I don't even watch. It's not worth it in my opinion. Using bluestacks is a different story. But you could give plasma twice a month and get $50 or more if you're looking for extra bitcoin. I don't know how this would work exactly, but is anyone interested in going halfsies on a mining rig? Trusting people is a BITCH, I get that, and I wish I could find people here, but, well maybe we could figure something out? Put some Cryptocurrency up as collateral or something? I just don't want to do cloud mining, but feel like I'm missing out.

  8. you are becoming the pu de pei of bitcoin games.


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