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Are Universities Discriminating Versus Gentlemen?

The Department of Education and learning is investigating universities for alleged discrimination towards gentlemen right after a student complained about numerous various applications. The plan is that if girl are the greater part of diploma earners and university attendees than applications that advantage women of all ages are assisting the greater part and discriminate towards the minority.

But what do you believe? Are Colleges and universities discriminating towards gentlemen?

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  1. Honestly, I'm not gonna take your poll too seriously cos it's probably biased according to your viewers, as well as according to the Youtube user base lol. But incorporating audience response may actually be good for your viewership/engagement, and I'd like to hear you feature more comments tbh

    But, main point, it makes sense to me that, after women dominate following affermative action, the focus would then have to shift toward men. Doesn't change the fact that I think gender/race-based affermative action is rubbish. If it exists at all, I'd say it should be more financially based. I live in a pretty poor area and there are people of all kinds here; it's actually a pretty even spit between races and ethnicity, so, in the interest of my town I'd rather programs be based on finance than race/gender. Otherwise, a lot of people will continue to be left behind… and there are actually quite a few hardworking and decent people here who don't go to college or trade school BECAUSE of the expense and their fear of debt. Pisses me off a bit tbh, that they don't understand the concept of investing in themselves. But not everyone can be a ballsy entrepreneur too, Tim

  2. I like your guitars, Tim.

  3. Yes, universities are absolutely discriminating against men, but that's not a problem at all. The system has been built to discriminate against men, and straight people, and white people, and no, it has not been about answering previous injustices, as though the injustices perpetrated against one woman or black person could be fixed by increasing the quality of life of another. It's insane to think so, and the people who built these systems know it. Tim, you really need to do some research on something called "The New Left," and I highly recommend googling "the new left notes." You will get the whole story straight from the source, the people who call themselves "The New Left." This has never been about justice, social or otherwise. As the saying goes, the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution. Groups like the New Left, the SDS, and the Weather Underground have taken over key positions in society and used them to push their revolution as hard as they can. That's why "the resistance" is lumped in with brand marketing. That's the institutional power of the left, and why they have that institutional power. This all goes back to an event in the 70s called "the days of rage." Seriously, look into it.

  4. No, men don't need affirmative action. Just stop prioritizing immutable characteristics like sex and race and start re-prioritizing IQ, the pursuit of knowledge and truth above feelings. University has become a giant huge box circle jerk, they are no longer institutions of truth and knowledge. Because of this "feels over reals" mentality men are leaving because, as a general trend, men care more about truth and reality then about feminist fucking literature studies.

  5. No.

    We do not need identity politics or affirmative action to increase enrollment numbers. That is only a temporary bandaid. The US schooling system (and indeed most world schooling systems) are not designed to instruct men very well. As they favor stillness and qualify much of boys extra energy as troublesome. Women just tend to thrive in the environment better.

    In some ways it shows we have very little focus on men. That we do not 'understand' men and their needs, or have any meaningful measure of addressing it. There is a lot of research on sports, martial arts and programs like cadets and boy scouts which show strong benefits for boys when they engage in a structure that requires and rewards discipline. Certain martial arts, and especially cadets and boy scouts are known to raise self esteem and achievement.

    It is my view that equity is not ideal, but inequality in representation is a problem. If universities and schools are failing boys, then whichever school comes up with a proper solution, so long as they do not outright discriminate (such as by easing selection requirements on the basis of group identity). ALL the parents in america would be lining up for miles to send their boy children there. (these schools may then have a far higher amount of men than women, but that would only be due to market conditions, and would equal out over time)

    Political factors always distort our perception. IF we view women as inherently more harmed and victimized, then we will likely be slow to address the problem of boys. Or may not have it within our public consciousness so that when we discuss university with our children, they have a selection that will benefit them.

    Capitalism is all about voting with your dollar. But its hard to vote for anything if you are uninformed. As long as those who keep the media accountable are active, and reactionary movements are active. I can see men enjoying better representation. Especially as universities create better programs for men to compete and stop pathologizing them.

  6. how about nobody gets subsidized and we get rid of useless classes like gender studies

  7. Hey Tim Pool you need to look up the Smith Act, 1940 I know it has nothing to do with this video but I just figured you'd benefit from this

  8. Personally I agree with those that say get rid of the affirmative action stuff and accept the ones that worked hard to get there regardless of their race/sexuality/gender.

  9. Tim, you should watch Independent Man's videos on this subject, he's covered it in depth.

  10. yes universities discriminate against men, but how you right it is not to make these same programs for men, it is to do away with the programs biasing women

  11. Kitty!

  12. To the guy talking about about 50% of the population in relation to qualifying as discrimination… numbers aren't relevant to the word.

  13. Colleges have learned they can make a lot of money off women by giving them degrees in stupid subjects. Men go to college for STEM. Women go to college to get silly degrees in useless BS. There is no reason to go to college for liberal arts when the information for those subjects are available for free to anyone with access to the internet.

  14. Woman earn more useless degrees in courses that mean nothing. Hence 11k pay differences

  15. The whole logic of equality of outcome is appalling.

  16. 2 wrongs don't make a right. Just because these programs existed for women doesn't mean these programs should now switch to men because these programs should not exist to begin-with.

    The proper solution at this point would be to end these programs, or make them gender-neutral, and charge universities with discrimination if they continue these practices.

  17. Over taxation kills entrepreneurialism. Free-market capitalism and a low per capita income flat tax are the cure!

  18. Women do make up more of university grads, but that's because the gender studies and humanities department has more than doubled in it's size and scope in the last 20 years. Women dominate these classes graduating with useless activist knowledge and a job as a barista.

  19. My understanding is that there is already soft affirmative action benefitting men in universities. I think the problem is further down the pipeline. Universities are already maintaining different standards for acceptance based on your demographics, and men are already benefitting from lower barriers- but even with this being so, the qualifications of the applicants is down. I don't think this is a sign of natural inferiority so much as issues with k-12 education. Rather than lowered standards, I would prefer to see boys served better by the school system in preparing them to be competitive. This has been a front of the gender wars for years, with people like Christina Hoff Sommers arguing that there is a boys crisis in education, and activist groups like the AAUW dismissing such claims.

  20. Hey Tim, you are forgetting a factor here why STEM pays better, they tend to make the organization more money. These jobs maintain the hardware and equipment, and produce tangible assets that can then be traded and used.Lets look at a medical clinic for example, Your STEM people are the Doctors and system engineers that maintain the systems and applications used. These positions are what is bringing money into the clinic where your management staff and receptionists do not. Now this was a lopsided example because of the nature of the business but it is to illustrate an extreme, now lets look at something like an advertising agency where the focus of income is not centered around STEM positions, it is going to be your Systems engineers, which are a critical part of the company and without them it will fail, you do not want 2nd rate IT so they need to pay more to attract these types of people whose skill are needed in virtually every industry in our modern society. A STEM degree by it's very nature has more inherent value to most if not all companies than a social sciences or liberal arts degree because they actually bring in or save more money and as subh you want the best in those positions so they are compensated for such. Not all degrees are equal value, this is partially due to the supply in demand as you mentioned but also in what each can bring to the table as I mentioned as well.


    Feminist administrators are able to be legally determined to be discriminating against men.

    Such as:

    – creating male free zones on college campuses,

    – choosing who to admit using gender quotas even though the student body is majority female, and

    – failure to protect men's rights when they're accused of misconduct.

    As if that weren't bad enough, fewer men than women even make it through high school, or even grade school. This is a direct result of female teachers systematically giving boys lower grades. This creates a performance rift which starts in grade school and becomes ever wider towards middle school, measurably reducing boy's chances of graduating all the way through high school and vastly reducing their chances at admission into top tier schools due to lower academic performance.

    This has been proven in several large scale studies, including one which was conducted internationally in the UK and the US.


    The National Parents Organization

    The Independent

  22. Men are smart & migrating away from the Marxist cesspools.

  23. The vast majority of scholarships are exclusive to and promoted to women. I spent 14 months researching scholarships in the US(2009, so I could go to school in US.), and males access brock down like this: Foundations/Charity-61%, Government-31%, Academic-68%. If you are sis white male, subtract 20%, 23%, 31%. Women: Foundations/Charity-85%, Government-92%, Academic-90%. Add minority to women: 96%, 99%+, 99%+. If that doesn't sway the odds/enrolment, what would.

  24. I don't want affirmative action, I frankly find it racist/sexist but in any case. Instead look at why men are dropping out, people learn differently. Maybe the learning environment is simply better suited for women.

    Oh and it's gonna get more tribal… Obviously… According to feminist men are the eternal oppressors and they are the eternal victims after all… If you think any feminist will sacrifice anything but lip service for a man, frankly your a moron… I clearly remember the draft debates in my country… Should we remove the draft? Should women also be drafted? Should it be longer or shorter? Guess what the feminist campaigned for… Male only longer drafts… Now we have a male circumcision debate, should it be banned when it comes to little boys/babies… Guess what feminist have decided their stance is… NOT only should it continue be to be legal, but to question it is bigotry and religious persecution… Fucking Christ.

  25. Like that super smart dude said a few days ago. ID politics for everyone or no one. I fully agree with this.

  26. How about no special interest groups or programs? Just let people do whatever they are interested in and good at? Scholarships and programs purely based on ability or merit so that a poor kid (not race or gender based) who could be a brilliant neurosurgeon or scientist can get there.

  27. i see women are the BIGGEST LOSERS in this, can anyone see what i can ?
    PS. i was born Super inelligent , with Einsteinian male genes

  28. Part of me loves the poetic justice of making them apply their affirmative action against its intended goal. However I believe its time to get rid of it entirely.

  29. 0:25 – CAT!!!

  30. how about stopping all those stupid programs and let people in using their grades. Remove those boxes that say male/female and race bullshit…not add more boxes.

  31. At my uni there were more scholarship for women, much more. I saw a lot of men drop out, myself included, when we realise a degree does not lead to meaningful employment.

  32. I've been saying this for a while. It's impossible to have an honest or factual debate about affirmative action,etc and the fact is programs designed to help others are now abused to hurt men and white men and white people.

    To bring this up is basically impossible and you are considered a racist,etc. However the laws and programs can be spinned to the advantage of the majority.

    For example the civil rights act although passed in response to the civil rights movement by black people applies to everyone, so racism against white people is illegal. Hate crimes against white people are illegal, affirmative action that disadvantages white people is illegal.

    To apply/enforce the law here just has to be done which Trump is doing now and on private end, people need to use. White people and men need to sue when discriminated against.

    So these laws and programs can actually be spun around to advantage us.

    It's the reality we live in and it's your rational self interest to act for the benefit of your race and gender.

  33. My college had 7 men per girl a few years before I attended. They were forced to narrow the gap by the state and when I went they were 2 to 1. We fell from 3rd highest avg salary in the world to just outside the top 100. While I studied there I refused to allow women in any of my class group projects. That is how I got the highest GPA and income when I graduated. Sad

  34. From what I understood from the numbers it's roughly within the 60/40 balance, which in my opinion is very balanced. But seeing how many men drop off and the gap is increasing there should be added programs aimed towards men or that the programs aimed against women should be discontinued since there is no longer any need for them. It's one or the other in my opinion, but I'd prefer programs aimed toward men and a soft rebalance of things. Can suddenly divert all the women programs to be aimed at men suddenly, but rather decrease those and increase those aimed towards men slowly. stop the gap, maybe reverse a bit and find that sweet spot.

    Also, where is the shouting for men in psychology? Dunno how it is in the US, but in sweden it's basically around 75% women and I've heard that similar is true in the US as well. Or more women as sanitation workers (also known as garbage collectors). Or other less prestigious jobs dominated by men but still requiring higher education.

  35. Turns out gender studies/womens studies, critical race theory, feminist dance therapy, underwater basket weaving, fingerpainting and recreationally rolling on the floor (not kidding) don't really mean much of shit in the real world. Those studies aren't based on reality but delusions, so of course you're not getting paid for shit with them. And yes I'd like my groceries in plastic and yes I would also like a hot apple pie with that.

  36. Some times you have to fight fire with fire.

  37. I have worked at 2 separate Universities over the past decade, and they absolutely discriminate against men in many ways.

    1. They actively and aggressively indoctrinate young men to make them feel like they're responsible for the "wage gap". They even go as far as to charge men more than women in the Cafeteria on occasion (usually on events like women's day) to compensate for something they have absolutely no control over.

    2. They push a narrative that 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted on Campus. This makes young men, who are most likely not sexually assaulting anyone, feel guilty and lowers their self-esteem and morale. Now, young men are becoming terrified to hit on women in fear of being reported for sexual assault.

    3. We have programs such as "Women's studies", the title speaks for itself.

    4. We get regular emails about "violence against women", as if there is some sort of epidemic of women beating going on, yet women in this country are the most privileged they've ever been in history.

    5. Our job application forms say "Priority will be given to women and minorities" – aka, If you're a white male, you go to the bottom of the list.

    Having said that, I do not believe in affirmative action. But I feel strongly that the propaganda needs to go away, and I mean right now.
    Most of it is extremely exaggerated to the point of it almost being a lie, and questionably has any effect on what they're fighting for.

    If you want proof of any of this, get in touch with me, I can show you.

  38. Instinctively I would say yes, but I haven't been to university since 1996 so I have no real facts to base it on. Only hearsay. I can only admit to an uniformed impression, but hey, at least I'm honest about it.

  39. NO! We don't need affirmative action, for men or for women. To me it's not about parity between men and women, it's about not giving one gender an advantage over another. So while women don't need programs to help them get in to colleges anymore, neither should men.

  40. We really need people to stop using averages when talking about earnings. Like seriously, just stop it. It's always disingenuous.

  41. It's happening!!!

  42. Fk em ,open your own damn pickle jar .

  43. We don't need affirmative action for men. We need to abolish affirmative action.

    Why do you think the answer to problems caused by too much government interference is more governmental interference?

  44. @timpool Men tend to go for more vocational programs while women (especially young women) tend to go directly in to higher education right out of high school. That's why you see a trend of younger women in administrative positions.

  45. In my opinion no, we shouldn't create affirmative action programmes for men. Instead we should drop every affirmative action programmes currently running and let meritocracy drive the selection. I think that arguments like "women will never go to stem because societal pressure" are outdated, women today are extremely emancipated (in western countries at least) and will choose whatever they feel it's their dream career.
    If today we still see women underepresented in certain fields it's much more probable that they simply don't want to follow those paths, and the same is true for men in fields in which they are underepresented.

  46. Nursing schools across the country should be investigated for the same–some are quite hostile environments to future male nurses.

  47. Not affirmative action for men. You don't play your enemy's pathological game, b/c they'll just drag you down to their level & beat you w/ experience. Even if you "win", you become the monster you fought against, so you lose in the most profound sense – you trade your principles & barter away your soul.

    What we need to do is dismantle any and all affirmative action & Social Justice programs on the basis of them being inherently discriminatory, and let individuals be individuals.

  48. Whammyn are already favored 2:1 in STEM hiring. They're simply not interested. Is feminism gonna need to take away Whammyn's "right to choose" a career field to enforce complete equality?

  49. yes university obviously discriminates against men, but no i don't want afirmitive action for men for i don't want any afirmitive action i just want all this identity politics to stop.
    i myself have stopped my school bcz of this exact thing.

  50. But after representation is reached then it becomes prejudice + power, competence and hard work are white supremacist patriarchy..


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