Ethereum and React: An Introduction to Building Your First Web dApp

Ethereum, a blockchain based technology, empowers you to write decentralized applications (dApps) utilizing smart contracts and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Sound scary? It’s not.

Did you know that that you can create web-based applications on top of Ethereum? That its language, Solidity, shares similarities to JavaScript? That tools exist to leverage popular front-end frameworks like React?

This session will serve as an introduction to dApp development with the goal of setting a baseline to understand the core concepts and tools you need to start hacking away at the bleeding edge. Some of the topics we’ll cover include: understanding Ethereum and smart contracts, setting up a local blockchain testnet environment, the Truffle framework, Metamask plugin, the Solidity language and building React components to execute contracts that interact with the blockchain.


DrupalCon Nashville 2018


Ryan Hagerty


Original video was published with the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed).


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  1. React is garbage and a waste of time. Better to go with vue.js. Vue is open source.

  2. Any particular reason for not using async/await?

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  4. Hey, I'm trying to build a basic front end. I am using the TestRPC, localhost server and metamask. I can call data from a variable or function. But I cannot figure out how to send a transaction with metamask. I think I am not sure how to use callbacks for the send transaction. Know what's wrong? Or got a example code I can try fiddle with?

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  8. Uhm so this is like using other peoples hardware to mine Bitcoin except you pay a third party and not the owner .. so this sounds to me like another man in the middle market.

  9. Can the ledger be faked? If I have enough nodes that agree with the transaction


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