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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/seven news
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  1. Wasted 2:20 of my life. Unsubbed.

  2. Diversification?
    BTC sentiment rules all.
    Don't know what the future will bring but
    obviously for the last 6-9 months everything moves with BTC. Therefore my investment strategy is decide how much skin in the game I'm comfortable with and diversify from there.
    It hardly matters. At least Top 100 will move the same. 99.9% are either all red or all green.
    Every now and then a project moves against
    overall market sentiment but for no more than 24 hours. Perhaps the individuality and inherent qualities of each project will emerge and trade accordingly in time as they should but for now and the foreseeable future the rule is all boats go up and down with the tide.
    If you can get good project ICO's in presale you will have an edge. But good luck if you're in the wonderful US of A. You're being protected by the government bodies.
    They're concerned you'll lose your money.
    Between you and I I think they're concerned you'll make too much money.
    But most accurately they're concerned they'll make all the money.
    They don't really give a hoot about you and me.

  3. Pavel Durov opened a public sale of tokens on Telegram! Wow! Just in a few days they gobbled up practically all the tokens on

  4. Today the tokens came from airdrop Zilliqa I will store coins till 2019) I feel reliance in serious growth!

  5. The big money is made in the small caps so are the big losses but over time, the trend is up. Once the bull markets take effect, the biggest gainers will be small caps. The psychology is that people like to hold whole numbers. Once the market takes off, coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum and even Litecoin, NEO, MONERO, etc will be priced so high that people might not be able to purchase whole coins so they will look for smaller ones they can purchase like EOS, XRP, CARDANO, STELLAR, IOTA, NEM, ETHEREUM CLASSIC, OMG, etc.

  6. ICO Telegram is the best this year! Just a very short while ago they started a public sale of tokens. Almost all the tokens are already sold on

  7. I'm going long and I do believe that cryptos will be worth over 1 billion market cap before the end of the year

  8. Public ICO from Pavel Durov has begun and his token of GRAM) Otherwise it’s time to participate we will miss long-awaited 10 000%


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