LIVE Crypto AMA – EOS Mainnet Release [Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

LIVE Crypto AMA – EOS Mainnet Release [Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] –

Let’s see and discuss whats going on with the crypto market today and take questions! A few pieces of news today.

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  1. nice

  2. What happen if I registered EOS and sent them to Binance also?

  3. For your T&A, can you change the color of your RSI lines to a brighter color and/or make the line weight thicker? It’s hard to see even on my iPhone 7s. Thanks George!

  4. Zilliqa is a great project) I hope it will shoot this year) By the way for those who doesn't want to buy – you can receive them free of charge in I received 65 thousand coins) Not much, but it is pleasant for me!

  5. George these mainnet launches are so stupid .. makes everyone buy hugr bags of eos and trx only to lose more once mainnet launches … supposed to go up

  6. Oh I have sensing that it is time to buy Odyssey and to participate in their airdrop

  7. Stick to FA

  8. The market will circle jerk for the next month or so, and drop huge in July before the G20 recommendation, also the Cavs lost cause Hill can't hit a free throw and JR is a donkey , not cause of the refs

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  12. Peter from sf

  13. What are your top 5 coins/tokens for 2018


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