CBA Bans All Credit Card Crypto Purchases!! (Banks Getting Worried…)

🤓💥Commonwealth Bank (CBA) have banned the purchase of digital currencies as of the 14th of February, 2018. At this stage they still allow purchases using debit cards. Banks are also getting nervous about the cryptocurrency takeover and are launching their own tactics like lower fees and quicker transactions times in an effort to combat it. In other news, PayPal CFO John Rainey supports Bitcoin
and Boost Juice are running a Bitcoin competition. Thanks for watching. 🤓💥

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– CBA Blocks credit card purchases of crypto

– ATM fees dropped by the big 4 banks

– Paypal endorsement of Bitcoin

– Boost Juice Bitcoin competition


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  1. Nobody has to LEND you anything. A CREDIT card is a loan. Stop borrowing!! Dont buy crypto with borrowed money. Would you loan a friend money to buy crypto?…if so, start your own lending business. No credit issuer owes you ANYTHING..they lend how and when they is a business not a charity.

  2. The banks are really dumb. What they should be doing is embracing cryptos by setting up their own exchange. That way most crypto will be converted back to fiat within their own walls, so to speak. Dumb as.

  3. Dude the Aussie Government just passed a "bail in" law FOR the banks that allows the banks to take as much money out of peoples accounts as they deem fit if they decide they need it. So much for your "banks trying to change to keep up with crypto" theory.

  4. Get away from the Banksters. May they burn in hell.

  5. Thank you for the information. Appreciate.

  6. Damn 🙁


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