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EOS – Is A Delay Imminent, Or Will Buggy Software Be Released On Mainnet?

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    00:00 Introduction
    00:19 John McAfee Predictions
    01:56 EOS
    10:21 Conclusion

  2. bix weir has an interesting view on EOS and blockOne. doesn't sound too good..

  3. EOS is overhyped. There are other fantastic projects in the market. I don't own any Elastos yet, but that's where I'm investing as soon as I get some liquidity. That and nOS.

  4. lol duke nukem forever best game ever! so glad they took so long to release

  5. It's happening!

  6. This guy is a real life clown!!! He looks like a Negro, but sounds like a Caucasian, but has the nose of a Jew, and BSs like a Latino. Hard to take him serious. You know he has a lil dik like an Asian. I laughed just watching him drive.

  7. Where your segwit address

  8. why not link the EOS Canada video you are talking about?

  9. Highly respect u for this coverage broski!

  10. nice weekend 🙂

  11. Eth holders like yourself are running for the door, dumped my eth glad I did

  12. Dude for real I needed to hear this. Balls DEEP into EOS

  13. why this video is not on DTube?

  14. good ideas and thoughts and I Think EOS is a strong project, good video sincerely from JR of Exciting World Cryptos

  15. Very authentic sir! Your sincerity is refreshing!

  16. Finding bugs is what the testnet is for, no codes can be free of bugs, especially a project as big as EOS is. Even if they choose to delay the mainnet to ensure quality and reduce risk of stakeholders before launch, I believe that is a positive thing and I'd trust their decisions.

    If inexperienced investors and weak-hands are tricked into selling their coins by those who are trying to manipulate the market through spreading FUD everywhere possible, so that they can re-enter the EOS market at a lower price after having regretted selling off at 6-7USD, then so be it — more openings for those who believe in the project to buy in more too.

  17. what kind of car you drive?

  18. Why do you guys vlog from the car? That shit takes your attention off the road. If you get in an accident, it will be used against you.

  19. When was the issues by BP canada mentioned?

    Been watching other BP candidates vids, and they`re saying the bugs are ironed out by now, but I dont know for sure if thats the bug(s) they`re referring to… “Dallas rushing” mentions that bugs are fixed, in his recent live stream, but he`s a big EOS proponent for sure, so hardly unbiased…
    And he does kind of just skate over it by answering the stream comment, saying “yes, the bugs are fixed” and nothing else…

  20. Thanks Omar

  21. Man you're EOS register video was awesome, now I got one more question either you or anybody else if they can answer that will be great.
    I have registered my token from Hardware wallet Nano Ledger s, do I get all the air drops since it's in my Nano?
    2 same with Exodus and binance are they also going to have all the air airdrops?
    3 I don't 1 token how many are we going to get they did not specify is something I misread ? EOS app and other airdrops they did not specify how many tokens are we getting 12112 10 etc? Thanks

  22. Think long term not short.

  23. Credibility and Integrity used to be your highest priority. You should stop this!!

  24. Intelligent people will understand that the 12 month eos ico was enough time for a smooth launch.. People called eos a scam and pushed it down to 50c when I got in heavy all the way up to $10.. It's missed opportunities like this that the weak handed wonder why they are poor.. Just my thoughts..

  25. You don't even know the correct name of the BP mentioned. Unsubbed.


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