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How To Prepare For The EOS Launch

The EOS Mainnet Launch is right around the corner! I will let you guys in on three things to know right before the launch. Are you guys excited?

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  1. Exodus wallet is not to be trusted though. I have registered all my EOS via MEW with a hardware wallet, my question is this….after the launch where do we go to claim or withdrawal our EOS coins? Like what website do we go to or what happens with our registered coins in our MEW wallet….I have my private and public key, but don't understand the steps after launch. No one seems to know the answer. Also, to make sure your EOS is registered go to Lastly, your sound on this video sucks. Just my opinion and cheers. = )

  2. Wyatt any news on icon icx

  3. With all the airdrops EOS holders are going to get from now and for long into the future. EOS is going to go on an upward trajectory well into the coming years. Many people don't now this about EOS, and word will gradually get out that these airdrops are a regular occurrence.

  4. Personally I feel the price will bounce around the current $12 level up until the mainnet launch.

    Many big youtubers are predicting a big fall after mainnet launch, however IMO that anticipated fall is already built into the current price so I anticipate a lot of volatility and an overall price increase after mainnet launch.

  5. Hi dear can you please explain how air drop the eos holders will benifite. ?? Wich cindicat. Tks you for your help

  6. Terrific buddy.
    Been a while but I still watch all your vids. Keep it up.


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