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Why Buy Bitcoin Today in 2017 and Tomorrow in 2018

Why Buy Bitcoin?

Who has not asked themselves this question. Why buy bitcoin. There are several reasons why you should buy bitcoin. It goes beyond just speculation. Bitcoin was invented as a decentralized digital peer to peer payment system and this is why it is in high demand.

Think of it this way. Pull a $20 out of your pocket take a really long look at it. What backs this $20 bill? Your Friend’s promise to pay and he is $20 TRILLION in Debt!

Name one Country does not run an enormous debt and manage the country with deficit spending? Right you can’t.

What do they do when the shit hits the fan? They print and print and print devaluing their currency and your SAVINGS!

They confiscate bank accounts (Greece) they create out of control inflation Hyperinflation Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Governments place controls on how much you can move from one country to another. Because a “few” nut jobs want to blow shit up and kill people billions of others need permission from Government to move around the world. This why you buy bitcoin.

Bitcoin gives you options. Put it your paper wallet and go where ever you want to go. Government starts confiscating fiat currency from your bank account you are safe from their grab.

Like I said in the video you don’t need to sell all your assets or empty your retirement account just buy some bitcoin. When a storm approaches you pick up milk and bread whether you need it or not. Don’t you?

I got started with just $1400 4 weeks ago and now I have $2436. I was able to do that by following the steps below.

1. Buy Bitcoin at Coinbase

2. Join USI and Buy BTC packs with the Bitcoin you just Bought

3. Sit back and watch you Bitcoin Multiply!

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