Zukul com Update Why I have paused buying on my Zukul trading robot

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My Zukul trading robot is set on sell only at the moment. In this video I explain why I have paused buying on my Zukul trading robot.

I joined Zukul Trade and started trading as someone that has never traded before. Zukul has been in prelaunch for a month now, but you can get in early now.

The Zukul trading bot has 4 packages and you can start from as little as $10 per month to rent the bot. This package allows you to trade up to $300.

I trust this bot can make me 15% ROI per month, but only time will tell.

Zukul Trade is a bitcoin auto trading bot that is 99.9% hands free. So Zukul Trade is a true auto trading bot to earn you Bitcoin in South Africa and rest of the world.

You need to join 2 programs namely. CEX exchange (Free) and Zukul ($10 to buy Starter Trading Pack)

Getting Started:

Step 1: Join CEX exchange and get verified by uploading ID, proof of address and selfie:

Step 2: Join Zukul with starter package of only $10pm:

Step 3: Fund your CEX or Gdax exchange and convert crypto (like bitcoin) to Fiat (like USD). The bot uses fiat to trade.

Step 4: Setup your bot and let you Zukul Trade bot do the trading. 🙂

All training is available inside

You may refer other people to Zukul and earn additional bitcoin.

You funds are held by the CEX exchange and not Zukul. So Zukul cannot run off with your money. The bot tells the exchange when to buy and sell and does not take your money. I like that a lot!

I recommend joining the Telegram and FB group for valuable feedback from other members:

Telegram chat group:

Facebook Group:

Zukul Trade is still in pre-launch so they are improving it everyday.

Why I joined Zukul Trade:
How to get strated with Zukul auto Trading Bot:
How to fund your CEX exchange for Zukul Trade robot:
How to setup your Zukul Trade robot:

That is a lot of info, but take time to go through it and to do your own research.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for watching.



Whatsapp: 0027 72 8386854

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  1. Join my Zukul team and I will help you get setup:


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