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Pocket Dice: Session one: The Sinister Solution of Saltmarsh

Welcome back! Thanks for sticking close to! Though you happen to be on the lookout forward to far more Whooves n Assistant, we have D&D adventures for the crew forward. Be sure to go away comments beneath.

⚔ Occasion:
The Fangirl as the DM
Jestre DeRama as A/V crew
[Stage one]
Frej as Pine Frostbeard, the presently not known
Spicy as Fatin Basma, the tiefling bard
Lightning Blast as Thoryn Greenscales, the dragonborn monk
Rederik Wooden as Snokdu, the kobold warlock

⚙ Backlinks:
Spicy: Kyle Hill: Impulsive (Spicy)#5147 (Discord)


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