In this video I show you my strategy for trading Bitcoin and how in just 12 trades you could have turned 10k into 1.3 Million.

The trading strategy uses momentum triggers in the form of MACD, the MACD indicator is generally the only indicator I use other than volume, price action and moving averages.

By using momentum and solid risk management you lay the foundation for excellent risk reward. For Bitcoin in particular, the combination of the Weekly and Daily MACD indicators we can take advantage of the volatility by staying in the trend on the way up and exiting quickly on the way down.

Many Bitcoin traders and investors alike saw a drawdown of 84% in the last bubble whilst sacrificing huge gains and many nights sleep.

I consider this the optimum Bitcoin trading strategy.


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As a professional trader I have consumed hundreds of financial books and endured countless hours of self education. My hope is that this channel will reduce the learning curve duration of many aspiring traders by providing the key information in a concise and enjoyable manner.

I also offer a paid subscription service for those looking to see all my investment decisions.


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