Artificial intelligence, blockchain, innovation, and digitalization: the media industry has been abuzz with these four terms for several years now.

In a series of lightning talks, four distinguished experts, each in a talk of maximum ten minutes, explained these terms and why they have become so fashionable, whether the enthusiasm is justified in the long term and how the media development sector should deal with them now and in the future.

Artificial Intelligence – Elena Abrusci, Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project, University of Essex

Blockchain – Uta Meier-Hahn, Blockchain Lab, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ

Innovation – Josh LaPorte, European Journalism Center

Digitalization – Rishad Patel, Splice Media

“Rethinking media development – New actors, new technologies and new strategies” was the focus of this year’s symposium and explores the future for media development in the new information ecosystem.
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