This is the first video in our Blockchain Development series which aims to transform anyone into a Blockchain Developer. All the contents are in Tamil and the topics covered in this video are usually covered in paid courses. But, for my people and for my Tamil community, I am doing this for free 🙂 Please make use of this opportunity and learn Blockchain Development which can be a stepping stone in your Blockchain carrier.

Tamil Nadu Blockchain Policy Update –
How to Become a Blockchain Developer –
Blockchain Development Lesson 1 –
Blockchain Development Lesson 2 –
Blockchain Development Lesson 3 –

Join Crypto Tamil Developer Group –

Download BlockIndy –
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iOS –

Current Job Openings TNEGA –

Video Time Line:

00:00 Intro
02:43 Lesson 1 Intro
03:00 What is a Computer Application?
05:18 Desktop and Laptop Application Development
10:38 Mobile Application Development
15:02 Web Application Development
16:20 Client-Server Architecture Explained!
23:22 What is a Blockchain Application?
27:23 What is a Smart Contract?
28:38 The Big Picture

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