How to Use Neo/NEON Coin Explorer. How Cryptocurrency Transactions Work – Blockchain Explorer Tutorial In today’s educational tutorial I will talk about how cryptocurrency transactions work. We will cover NEON/NEO COIN blockchains. How the mempool works & clearly explain how to use block explorers to track transactions.
neo explained – neo blockchain revolution – What is neo coin – neo crypt

neo blockchain revolution is here but just what is is and what does neo do, also effect of NEO has on Ethereum . Just what kind of Technology is it and the possible price predictions for NEO throughout 2018 . oftern called the Chinese ethereum by some , neo has its own smart economy on the neo blockchain and will 2018 be a big year for NEO . Just how will neo preform vs cardano , iota and Ethereum and what advantages can it bring to the blockchain . What are the price predictions for neo in 2018 NEO cryptocurrency is one of many cryptos out there. Most people only think of bitcoin when they are looking to invest, but when it comes to the blockchain and crypto currencies, there are lots to look at, and there is plenty of investment opportunity. Whether it be ico investment, or signing up with one of the many crypto exchanges out there like binance or coinbase, there is a lot of information to take in. This is the reason for me making these short, informative videos on all the altcoins. I’m covering the top 100 cryptocurrencies to give you the basics of each coin or token, and the purpose behind each crypto to introduce you to it, and decide if you want to research it further. Blockchain technology will become the future, and is only in its infancy right now. As technology advances, we will see a growth in the projects, and on just what cryprocurrency has to offer. Remember that you’re investing in a company or project that is trying to solve a problem. Whether it’s financial or technical, investing in cryptocurrency is a smart move, and not an unreal entity like most people who do not understand just what crypto currency is.

Make sure you do your own cryptocurrency research, and invest wisely. It can be a very bear and very bull market and like most markets, it has its ups and downs. #neo #crypto #cryptocruising


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